Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well, I've gone ahead and done it...

Started a blog, that is. See, I've been threatening to do this for well over a year mainly because I email weekly rants to a close group of friends and it has been mentioned that I should put my rants out for the world to see. Well, heck, why not? Goodness gracious someone might get a check and actually learn something!

Oh, and about those rants? I am a middle school teacher. This is the point in the conversation where people start to b a c k u p s l o w l y because only the slightly deranged would want to spend all day surrounded by adolescent hormones on feet, right? Let alone try to teach them anything! Truth be told, I gave up watching soap operas when I began teaching middle school because now I live them. Drama, thy name is middle school!

So, school starts this week, and I figured, why not? Get the blog started, see how it goes. Hopefully I can manage to keep this thing updated frequently which could be a challenge since I'm also going to graduate school (in pursuit of the almight pay raise). But hey, what's life without some challenges, right?

1 comment:

Robin in Ohio said...

Dear Mrs. B,
I think this is a great start. Love it!
Your friend,