Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yeah, well, I'm back...for a bit

So I haven't posted in a while because I've been out of town...and then coming back I realize that being out of town means not a lot got done around the house while I was gone.  (At least the cats were fed, but we won't talk about the litter boxes.)  To say I've been a tad busy pretty much sums it up.

And tomorrow I go in to school to set up my classroom - hopefully - it all depends on if the janitors are done with the floors.

To say that summer goes by pretty fast is an understatement.  It goes by horribly fast.  June is pretty much The Month of In Service, then there's Independence Day, then I was able to squeeze in a quick visit to see my mom in San Diego for a week - then back home, and  It goes by awfully fast.

And of course, after a week of glorious weather while out in California, I come home to humidity and heat.