Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's just flippin' hot

I live in a town near a major military base, and teach a lot of military dependents, so the fact that I'm whining about the heat when I have friends and neighbors over in The Sandbox where it's routinely over a 100 degrees makes me feel, well, like a whiner.

That being said, t's 100 degrees on my front porch and according to my nifty little weather doo-dad on my desktop, I have a heat index of 102 right now. It's so hot the cats are sleeping down here in the basement and one is so close to an air duct that you can see the air blowing her fur.

Whomever decided that school should start before Labor Day (and cooler temps) is a pinhead.

And, yeah, I'm a whiner.

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Yellow rose said...

It was 104 here yesterday. Watered or not, plants drooped from the heat alone. This is the hottest it has been in at least two years.

Convocation always manages to drop at least one bomb. Yesterday the president announced that while the student center was being renovated, there was a very good chance that the fourth floor meeting room in the library would be turned into a temporary (as in months) cafeteria. Right! It came as a shock to the library staff, and the director had only heard of it as a rumor. Well, the prez announced it to the world. We're still fumbling through the repercusions, as in do you offer breakfast before the library even opens? We close at 5 p.m. on Friday--what about supper? Weekends? Security? Maintaining some control of food taken out to anywhere and everywhere in the library? Mighty fine carpet in that room. There are already groups scheduled to use that room into the spring. It's just mind boggling. But this side of the campus has always been expendable.