Wednesday, August 17, 2005


We're finally getting rain. Unfortunately that means it's getting humid. Hot and humid and an upstairs classroom with a broken AC is not a fun combination. So, instead of doing a mini lab in my room, I ended up having to move the kids down to the theater starting with 2nd period.

Some of my classes handle this with no problem. They still listen, they still work, they're well-behaved. This can be a challenge when your teacher, who is usually down and walking around you, is forced to be on a stage to work the overhead. Some of the classes rose to the challenge, others did not.

So I was a bit grumpy with 3rd and 5th period today. And I don't like to be grumpy with my kids.

The People that Know say they're going to have to put in a new compressor unit, which is fine with me. Just get it done ASAP. Even after I get moved, the health teacher will eventually need to use this room, and he's gonna want AC.

Apparently the new construction is almost done....which means maybe, just maybe, we'll get a decent room, down on the core, near the rest of the team.

Oh, and the observation. Did as well as I could considering having to relocate the classroom in the middle of it. Sigh. Not the kind of stellar performance I like to do, but adequate.

I'm tired and I still need to assign lockers. Oh boy!

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