Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The first half day of school has come and gone and no major disasters. Okay, so we had some minor ones like the fact that the network and phone system were down all day, a bunch of kids mysteriously didn't have schedules (and since the network was down, no one could get a schedule to them), the chorus teacher had two classes scheduled for one period, and there was a mixup on some of the bus numbers. Overall the kids did quite well, even a few teary-eyed sixth graders who've now moved up to middle school. Truly a scary thing for most of them!

My kids did pretty well. First off, they found the room. That is always a plus. They were, for the most part, quiet. (That won't last). One kid in my homeroom even brought in a box of tissues. For those of you not in the know, tissues are like gold. Kids go through them (imagine a classroom during allergy or flu season) and teachers are constantly looking for donations of tissues. I was impressed. Although it was around 85 degrees in my room (see previous post about the fact that this is supposedly being addressed) many of the kids actually said it felt good because all the other rooms were so cold. This lasted about 15 minutes before they realized it was actually getting hotter.

The best news? We have a social studies teacher! Granted, he didn't get hired until the school day was over, and we had a sub there, but the fact is we have a teacher! And we are all tickled to death that we have a male teacher - so many of our male students come from single-parent homes headed by a mom, dad is no where in the picture, and they need male role models. It's nice to have one on the team.

I saw some of my kids from last year and my how they grow over the summer!! It's almost frightening the changes that take place in a 13-year old in such a short period of time. They're now so tall!!!

On another note...is there anything more annoying than crabgrass? I swear I'm fighting a never-ending battle with it in my flower beds. I'm off to yank some out now!!

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