Tuesday, March 08, 2016

If One is Good, Two Must be Better

You can almost guarantee that if it's a nice day and we haven't had a fire drill yet, then we're going to have one.  We're required to do one a month, so the first nice day of the month should probably be known as Fire Drill Day.

And that's what we had today.

Perfect weather.  74.  Sunny.  Little wind.

So, around the beginning of sixth period, the alarms went off and we filed out and stood around for a few minutes enjoying the sunshine.  I only had four kids, who were pretty nice and well-behaved, so it was pleasant.

We filed back in after the all clear, waited a few minutes for the hall to clear so we could go in for our bathroom break, had our break, then went back to Our Happy Little Portable.

And then we had another fire drill.

Not sure what the deal was...whether or not the alarm got reset correctly or what, but hey, it was a gorgeous day, so why not?