Tuesday, August 30, 2005

An apple for the teacher

The cats and I survived the wind and rain from Katrina last night although it wasn't the most restful night. It really kicked up a while there and got a bit noisy. However, no tornados which is always a very good thing. We only lost power for a short while.

My apple tree, however, did not fare very well. She's laying on her side, although her roots haven't popped out of the ground. I'm hoping when hubby returns we'll be able to prop her back up and she'll survive. Neighbors across the street lost a big tree, and friends up the hill lost a few. I think we got lucky. Did check the rain guage and we had 3 1/2 inches..not near the 6" they were calling for but I'm not complaining.

The more I watch television, the more concerned I am about some close friends we have down in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast areas. Some of them live in areas that were particularly hard-hit according to the reports and I only hope they got out okay. Hopefully we'll hear shortly.

Off to do more Dreadfully Boring Grad School Crap (DBGSC).

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