Monday, August 29, 2005


I live about 600 miles from New Orleans.

And I just got one of those automatic phone calls our school district uses to notify parents/teachers/staff about important developments and we're closed tomorrow due to Katrina. Apparently the predictions of flooding and tropical winds, not to mention the tornados that seem to hit our area frequently anyway, was too much for people to deal with so we're being safe and cancelling for the day. Good call. I never, ever want to be at school when a tonado hits.

And knowing my luck, if a tornado hits, it would tear apart the new wing and I'd be stuck up in that armpit of a classroom forever.

So, tomorrow I'll try to sleep in but probably won't because I'm so used to waking up at 4:30 am anyway (and if it's stormy the felines will be pinging all over the place) and then spend as much time as possible working on Dreadfully Boring Grad School Crap (DBGSC).

But on the good news side...the air conditioning compressor has arrived at school. It won't be installed, however, until Thursday. Which probably means Friday.

And we'll be moving to new classrooms the following week.

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