Thursday, August 11, 2005

Field Trip....

We took a field trip today...totally unplanned but completely necessary. Our room temperature (with the yet to be fixed air conditioning problem) had to have been in the 90's. The heat index outside was at 97 degrees so just imagine what it was in my upstairs room. Some of the other parts of the building had the AC go out as well, and finally someone from central office figured that this might be an issue and sent some folks out. Of course, it took a rather irate phone call from our principal to convince them that this was an issue. One phone call from an irate parent who is incensed that their child is being taught in a room that's so hot the sweat is dripping off the kids' noses would certainly work and I'm waiting for that shoe to drop.

So...after my principal came up and told us we could move if need be, I took her up on the offer. During 5th period I did roll, collected signed forms, and then we moved down to the theater (which was freezing) for the balance of the period. The kids were visibly relieved (so was I - it gets annoying feeling sweat trickle down your back). Sixth period the theater was occupied so I called our marvelous secretary and she called around and found a teacher with AC and no class during that period. It was wonderful. All of us simply gloried in the cool air coming out of the vents. I could actually just talk with my kids rather than yell to be heard over the fans I have cranking at full speed in my room.

It remains to be seen if any of this gets fixed by tomorrow...Honestly, I doubt it will, but I hope I'm wrong.

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