Monday, August 08, 2005

I am so not prepared....

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I an no where near as prepared for it as I should be. Fortunately it's only a half day where we basically introduce ourselves, make sure the kids know what their schedules are, hand them piles of paperwork that needs to be taken home, read and signed, and then make sure they know what their bus numbers are. It's usually chaotic beyond belief, especially when the new sixth graders come in because they have no idea where they are suposed to go, poor babies.

Despite working most of last week trying to get ready for today, I still feel like I'm behind. Part of it is because I had to move, last minute, to a temporary (it better be temporary!) room since the remodeling of the library is not done and everything from the library is stored in what was supposed to be my classroom. The options were a rolling cart and I could borrow rooms during teacher planning periods, or a room that's upstairs, with no elevator, and about as far away from the rest of my team as it possibly could be. I opted for the upstairs room only to discover that they are apparently "working on" getting air conditioning in there. I say supposedly as I've never seen anyone actually in their working on it, and it's hot and muggy up there. I spent most of last week moving boxes of things up there although some I haven't unpacked yet because I'm hoping I won't need to. We are adding on a new wing, and it is supposedly going to be done by Wednesday, which means, supposedly, that we can move in perhaps in a week or two. I'm not getting room in the new wing, but I am getting a bigger room than I had last year, and one that's closer to my teammates. That would make me very happy.

Oh, did I mention that we don't have a social studies teacher for my team yet??? The job posting closed today at 4:30 and again, supposedly, our principal has someone in mind to offer the job to who has supposedly not taken another job. If that's the case he starts bright and early tomorrow morning. If not, we'll hopefully have a substitute. Either way, it isn't a good situation.

My goal tomorrow? Set the tone for the year, get to know the kids, and make sure I don't forget something vitally important.

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