Saturday, August 27, 2005


Something interesting happened on Friday.

It was Vocabulary Test Day and the kids were finishing up their tests and those that were done were working independently on their workbooks and turning in their Daily Science sheets when Angry Boy I came into the room. He hadn't been in class due to his meltdown yesterday, so I was a tad surprised.

"Mrs. Bluebird, I'd like to talk with you privately for a minute if you don't mind."

"Why certainly, let me finish putting this grade in the book and I'll be right over."

I look up at the theater door and Mrs. Saint is standing there along with another one of her charges who I don't know (you don't dare leave any kid, let alone these types of kids alone...if you need to go somewhere you take them all with you.) I walked up to the door and Angry Boy is standing there, looking really embarrassed.

"I want to apologize for my bad behavior yesterday. I feel really bad about it."

What is this? An APOLOGY??? From Angry Boy???

"Well honey, I certainly accept your apology. I just want you to know that when you're having a bad day that you don't have to get mad at people like me. We're here to make your day better."

"I know. I feel really bad. Can I come back Monday?"

"Of course you can. I'd like you to be back on Monday."

Angry Boy then slides over and very awkwardly reaches out an arm. This kid wants a hug. This kid probably NEVER gets hugs at home. He's not even quite sure how to initiate a hug. I give him a hug.

Mrs. Saint catches my eye. "I want you to know that this was all his idea. He has been sitting there all day very upset that he caused a problem yesterday and decided that the best thing he could do was apologize."



Robin in Ohio said...

Wow! That is amazing and wonderful! I'm glad you at least had a ray of sunshine on your Friday.

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