Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Stoking the Fires

Day Three of The Week With Little Heat.

I arrive, bundled up because, after all, it's only freaking ELEVEN degrees outside, and find out that the building is a tad warmer.

Okay, okay, maybe it just feels warmer after walking in from a freaking ELEVEN degrees, but I'll take my victories where I can.

But it honestly felt warmer.

And then, as I walked to my room, the smell hit me. You know that smell that a furnace gives off when you first get it lit at the beginning of the winter season? Kind of a musty burning weird smell? Well we had it. Which could of meant one of two things. One, the furnace blew up and we're about ready to burn down or two, we finally have heat in the old part of the building.

Fortunately it was the second option and we had heat. It wasn't balmy by any means, but better. Teachers and kids weren't wearing ski parkas in class, but had downgraded to hoodies and sweaters.


But it's still freaking cold outside. And they're calling for snow.

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