Friday, January 29, 2010

And Yet Another Snow Day

The Great White Death was predicted to hit last night. It was first predicted to arrive around nine pm, then midnight, then after midnight, then by six am this morning. School districts all over the State, hearing the forecasts of Ice! Sleet! Freezing Rain! Snow! Snow! and more Snow! started canceling classes yesterday afternoon, including The District, which amazed many of us because The District is usually one of the very last to close.

And here I sit, after noon, with nary a flake in sight.

Why? Because this storm has wrapped itself into a donut-shape and we're right in the middle of the donut hole. So, while everyone around us is getting slammed, we're all staring at the sky wondering when we'll get our share.

So, it's another day off, we've used our last snow day built into the calendar, and I am going to be useful and write a test.

At least I did get to sleep in!

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