Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Day!

Despite the fact that we always seem to be the last district to close school for weather, the call finally went out early this morning. Thankfully the local news had The District on the scroll when I got up around 4:30 and NOT around 5:30 when I was already one shower and three cups of coffee into my morning. Of course the worst was when Mrs. Eagle and I were Already At School when they canceled. That was depressing.

However, I'm not doing the real major happy dance because this is NOT the time of year to have a snow day. We've just come back from two blissful weeks out of school and the kids have been great, and everything was going well. We were getting into the groove, and amazing, nearly all my kids - except for five - turned in their first homework assignment! Astounding! Amazing! We were onto something!

And then this.

Snow days are much more appreciated a little bit later into the grading period when we've Had It Up to Here with the kids and they're tired and cranky with cold weather and gray skies, and we all need a mental health break to snuggle up under a warm blanket and read a book that has nothing to do with education.

But hey, I'll take a snow day when I can get it. However, we only get three, and it's not looking too good for tomorrow. Hopefully this won't be one of those years where we have to make up days at the end of the year.


Sneaker Teacher said...

Aw, yeah I agree about the timing. Last year we had an entire week of snow days the week right before winter break. Then we had to make up all 5 in June. But any day off is a good chance to catch up and hopefully get in some time for relaxing!

And hopefully you were warmer at home than you have been at school!

Sherrie said...

I was praying for a snow day today, but no such luck!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Just think about us in the desert with almost no chance of a snow day... :)