Saturday, July 01, 2006

What's the point of crabgrass?

I'm in the middle of a battle with my yard and I think the yard is winning.

I have dreams of a perfect yard, the kind you see photographed in Southern Living, and the kind that just look perfect, no matter what. And both hubby and I have worked and worked at the perfect yard and truth be told, it's better than it was when we bought the place.

However, the grass, and especially the crabgrass is going to drive me insane.

There are flower beds where we were able to use a weed barrier before we laid down the mulch (newspaper, to be honest, I'm cheap and its organic). Those parts of the yard are looking pretty okay. The mulch is nice and dark, there's no weeds or grass, the flowers and shrubs look happy.

Then there's the flower beds where we really couldn't do that due to the bulbs in them, as well as some of the seeds and stuff I tossed out. These beds can go from clean to a jungle in twenty-four horus. We go away for a few days, and I come back and I have grass well over a foot high waving in the breeze in my flower beds, plus crabgrass creeping around everywhere.

So I've spent the past two mornings yanking the stuff out. I am a sweaty, filhty mess. Because it's absolutely flipping hot out there, and even if I get a good start in the morning, it's still hot.

And it doesn't look like I've made a dent. I did do a walk around with round up this morning and discovered some weed in a back portion of the side yard which was taller than me.

Now that's scary.

I've come to the conclusion that all these weeds have some weird genetic growth spurt thing going. I swear they could grow on a rock with no rain.

I really need a glass of wine.


Kat said...

I just spent some time cleaning out my cutting garden. The grass along the border was all hidden up inside the border plants, and I had no idea until I got down on hands and knees, and started clipped. I clipped so much that my hand held clippers broke! The steel just snapped. (I'm soooooooooo returning them!)

Anonymous said...

I just came in from thwarting some wire grass. Since I woke up to a temp just below 60 this a.m. and it is only in the upper 70's just past noon, my digging and pulling was relaxing. If I had had a glass of ice tea and the paper I could not have been too much more cozy. Too bad this weather isn't going to last.