Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It is 10:30 at night and it's 80 degrees on my front porch.

Tomorrow the heat index is supposed to reach 100 degrees.

Welcome to summer in the South.

I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate, heat and humidity. I grew up in the arid West, and although I now consider myself a Southerner (American by birth, Southern because I damn well chose to be), I have never, ever gotten used to the heat and humdity. It's been 15 years since I left the West and I'm still not used to the humdity. I seriously doubt I will ever get used to the humdity.

So, in order to get my walk in, I'm leaving at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning and it's already hot and muggy. My yard needs to be mowed and the crabgrass and weeds are taking over my flower beds. And it's too flipping hot to go out there and do anything about it, even at 10:30 at night.

I suppose this is why Southerners invented Sweet Tea.


anni said...

Hello, Mrs. Bluebird!
Happy 1st Day of Summer to you. I am sharing the 100+degree weather with you in Northern California. No luck of getting any residual fog banks north of the Golden Gate to cool us off. I spent a few years of my childhood in Norfolk, VA and I remember the mugginess the humidity would bring on. I hear ya sistah-friend.

Here,, I've poured some iced tea for you, but here in California you gotta sweeten it yourself, if you choose. I just make it 1/2 tea, 1/2 lemonade - they call it an Arnold Palmer at the bar.

Love checkin' in on ya...Have a great summer break!

Amy said...

And, the A/C NEVER seems to stop running does it?? I'm with ya on the humidity! I can definitely do without it.

HappyChyck said...

Here in southern Nevada it's about 106 with 4% humidity. Tea is the best cure here, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't ever cool off--even at night. To me, this is the season for staying indoors.