Monday, July 24, 2006

Slobber Slobber Drool

My friend Supermom and her son Squirt took a well deserved quick trip to Texas to visit some friends for a few days. Since SuperDad is currently in Iraq, that trip involved having the dogs boarded. The dogs, by the way, are Abby (a slightly deranged Rottweiler a little over a year old) and Buster, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, who is calm, mellow and the exact opposite of Abby. Unfortunately Supermom was having trouble getting cheap flights at convenient times, which meant she either had to pay an additional day of boarding, or get a friend to pick up the dogs.

I was the friend who picked up the dogs.

Since Abby and Buster both know me, I figured this wouldn't be too much of a challenge, as long as Abby didn't go completely berserk, which she has been known to do. So I drove my little Saturn down to the vet, and got the dog beds, the toys, the extra food, the bowls, and two big dogs. Buster was a breeze. I snapped the collar on him, opened the car door, and in he went. He blinked at me, and laid down and prepared to take a nap.

I really really like Buster.

I asked for help with Abby because when we practiced getting her into my car (yes, we practiced this, she's used to an SUV), she wasn't very agreeable. She's equates getting into a car with going to the vet, so she tends to sit down and refuses to move. However, apparently she finally figured out that this car trip meant she was going home, so after jerking me all over the parking lot, she hopped in next to Buster and we were off.

So I'm driving along, AC on high, radio on, back windows cracked slightly, and the only thing I can hear is the panting of two big dogs breathing down my neck. I look down and Buster has his head in between my seats, and is gazing up at me with big happy Buster eyes. Abby, however, has her mouth right by my ear and her tongue is hanging out about a foot and she's just having the time of her life.

And then she started drooling on my arm.

And I just laughed all the way to Supermom's house!

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I know that feeling well!