Monday, July 31, 2006

A little warm, eh?

Here where I live, the the glorious South, we are currently under a heat advisory. Basically that means temps are in the mid to upper 90's, humidity is high, and the heat index is running around 105. (Still, considering what Minneapolis and Pierre, SD are going through, we're lucky - at least most of us have air conditioning.)

Notice I said, "most of us", not "all of us"?

The new air conditioning unit for the part of the building where my classroom is has not been turned on because they aren't finished installing it. We were told it would be on by 9:00 am, then "by the end of the day." I cleared out at 3:00 and there was no relief in sight.

So, I've spent the day working in my room with sweat pouring down my nose. I'm having flashbacks to last year when I had to teach in an upstairs room without a functioning air conditioning unit for the first few months of school.

The good news is that I'm one of the 8 teachers who is getting the bells and whistles high tech LCD projector/DVD player/VCR/Document reader system in my room. (Mrs. Eagle and Mr. Social Studies are as well). This means I can show everything on a big screen, larger than life, and no more kids whining that "I can't see the T.V.!" I've been wanting something like this for three years and I am ecstatic that I finally have it.


They installed it so I had to rearrange my entire room so that all the kids can see it. I've moved my desk, all the kids tables and chairs, elminated two work station tables, and moved the remaining stations to different walls. Apparently because the rooms in this part of the building aren't square (think of pieces of pie and you get a slight idea of what they look like), it was a bit of a challenge installing these things, so we get what they gave us.

Did I mention that it was 94 degrees in my room while I was moving all this furniture?

Fortunately tomorrow we have a science department in-service to be held in the science lab. It's in the new part of the building that has air conditioning.

Thank goodness. I'm going to go have some sweet tea and cool down.


Princess Lionhead said...

I don't miss that. I do not envy you, in that sauna!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Lovely weather you're having, eh? (I mean the weather INside, not outside!) Here's to the powers that be: May they provide you with a functioning cooling system before the first day of school. Otherwise, you'd better keep several gallons of that sweet tea handy!