Sunday, July 23, 2006


I am finally back from my two weeks up north visiting friends and teaching summer camp and having a delightful time back in my old neck of the woods. Every year things change a little bit and every year it's nice to go up and see what's going on. I just wish my friends' kids would stop getting taller than I am.

I did, however, end up catching an absolutely dreadful cold while I was up there.

And I mean absolutely dreadful. It started with that achey sinus dripping feeling in the back of my throat late Monday night and by Friday I could barely talk. I managed to finish up camp, help my friend with her teenaged daughter's boy-girl party, and crashed Friday night before getting up, having breakfast with another dear friend, and heading back south. I was dead tired, achy, cranky, and just miserable by the time I got home.

I am thrilled to be home. I am thrilled to have my four delightful cats with me. The only improvement would be if Mr. Bluebird was here, but he's gone on business. In the meantime we're having these really interesting phone conversations because I can't talk. My voice has basically gone away and all I can manage are whisperings and various croaking noises that don't resemble human speech.

It's bad enough having a cold in the first place, but having one in the middle of July when it's hot and humid out makes it worse.

I am sleeping in, reading mystery novels, and getting rid of this cold before I tackle the dozen or so projects that need my attention.

School starts in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Well, Mrs. B, it must be the season! I just got back from a week at the Universtiy of Connecticut (an educational conference). When Mr. picked me up at the airport, he noticed that I had a cold, too. I feel like crap as well. I believe naps, a few trashy romances and many cups of hot tea will help me.

Off to start the tea kettle!


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Yes, rest. You are going to need every bit of strength you can muster for that fast-approaching first day of school. Enjoy those mysteries!

Anonymous said...

Arrggh! Let me try this again!


I guess the cold medication is playing havoc with my spelling ability. Ugh!