Friday, July 28, 2006

Down to the Wire

Tomorrow at 6:00 am Mrs. Eagle and I will depart from my house and head off to take our comprehensive exams for our Master's Degrees at a University several hours away. We've been working on our degrees for two years now, along with Mr. Music who teachers in a nearby city, via a distance learning program. The distance learning thing worked out well for us because, let's be honest, after spending nearly ten hours a day in my own classroom, I really didn't want to sit in another classroom listening to someone talk in the evenings. I'm dead tired by 8:00 pm anyway and the chances of either one of us staying awake were pretty slim. So, we did the distance learning thing and it worked out okay for the most part.

We're just all so ready to have this thing done and over with. I'm ready to have weekends back where I can do novel things like clean my house, read a book of my choice, or just sit and knit or do nothing. The fact that I'll have this freedom to do what I want is just enough to nearly make me giddy with joy.

However, I can say that I am totally studied out. I have Blooms and Gardners booming around my brain, along with stuff on motivation, law, action research, and learning styles and teaching styles and so much other stuff.

And all I want to do is curl up, watch HGTV and knit.

But tomorrow, Mr. Music, Mrs. Eagle and I are going to go out to lunch and celebrate. We all chose not to walk in the graduation ceremonies (we didn't see the point and I can think of a lot of other things to spend money on outside of a cap and gown rental fee), so we're treating ourselves to something besides fast food. That was our usual mode of attack - go to the University, take finals, do orientation for the next classes, go to lunch, and then spend the next semester emailing and calling each other. Mrs. Eagle and I, obviously, were able to do a lot of our work together, but we didn't get many chances to work, in person, with Mr. Music. That being said, we've all become quite good friends through the experience, and I'm glad we did it.

I just want that diploma and the pay raise. I am, at heart, a truly simple girl.


HappyChyck said...

Congrats! I agree with you on two parts--listen to people after a long day of work does not sound like fun, and it's all about just getting that pay raise. We totally have better things to do--right on!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

It's been a long haul for you, and now the end is here! Hooray! Enjoy that pay raise, simple girl--you've earned it. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mrs. B. I'm sure you did well on your finals. Now, you can kick your Birkenstocks off and put your feet up for a bit! You deserve it!

Princess Lionhead said...

I'm really relieved for you, that it's over. Now, you have a new school year ahead of you! Good luck with that!