Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Three Strikes and You're Out...or The New Adventures of Klepto Boy!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, he's back, everyone's favorite thief, Klepto Boy!!!

If you all recall, I've busted Klepto Boy twice for stealing things in my room, and had to listen to his nitwit of a mother swear up and down that her 13 year old NEVER EVER LIED to her, as well as rant and rave how he "borrowed" things, he didn't steal them. Don't know about you all, but borrowing, in my book, means you ask before you take.


Today, on the way back from Breakfast, instead of going to his homeroom - LIKE HE'S SUPPOSED TO - he decided to take a detour to Miss Reading's class and steal a pencil from the signout pad that we all keep by our doors. However, one of the kids in Miss Reading's class saw him, followed him into the hallway and confronted him about the pencil he just took. He hemmed, hawed, lied, and finally admitted that he'd simply borrowed it. Yeah. Right.

So Miss Reading wrote him up. After all this is the third time he's been busted stealing and he and mother were told that the next time it would be suspension. The little sneak then proceeded to either borrow someone's cell phone, or get one of his own (and they're SUPPOSED to be off and in their lockers and off-limits during school hours) and called Mommy and whimpered and whined that he was being picked on again for stealing and all he'd done was borrow a pencil.

So Mommy was on the phone ranting and raving before an administator had even worked the referral. She even got on the phone with Miss Reading and kept trying to change the subject, "Why isn't he supervised?" (Hum, he's 13, don't you think he's old enough to walk to and from breakfast on his own?) "What kind of school were we that we didn't let kids have pencils?" (Sure, ask and I'll loan you one, but steal one, that's another story), blah, blah, blah. Miss Reading finally told her that REGARDLESS if he found it on the floor (his story) he still took something he KNEW wasn't his and that's stealing.

He's suspended for tomorrow. From all accounts he entered the administrator's office bawling buckets of tears.

Don't know about you all, but if I had been caught "borrowing" a pencil when I was in middle school, my mother wouldn't have wasted her time calling the principal and insisting I was innocent - she'd have been too busy tanning my hide.

I sincerely hope this lady starts saving money now. She's gonna need to get a good attorney on retainer for when Klepto Boy moves up to bigger and better things. Like cars.

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