Friday, April 07, 2006

Hell on Earth?

We're having severe weather again down here in the South.

Fortunately, most of the really nasty, dreadful stuff is south of us, but we did hold the busses for a little bit for a thunderstorm to pass, and then the walkers were delayed about twenty minutes.

Which means that Mr. Social Studies and I ended up watching Fabio Boy, Miss So Fine, and some of our other characters for a while as they pinged and ponged all over the locker area because It's Friday Friday Friday Friday!! (What they don't know is that after they leave we all do the same Happy Friday Dance as well.)

We then hear that some other schools south of us were put on lockdown until the threat of severe weather has passed.

Which could be sometime around 8:00 pm tonight.

And Mrs. Language, and Mr. Social Studies, and Mrs. Math and myself all look at each other and ponder a fate that could cause grown men and women to become blithering, weeping, puddles of goo.

Getting stuck.

For hours.

On a Friday.

During Severe Weather.

With an entire class or hormonal seventh graders.

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