Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's soooo Stoooopid

Sometimes you fall in love with a kid in spite of everything.

Stoopid Boy is a prime example of this. I really like Stoopid Boy. True, he can drive anyone completely crazy because he can be loud, hyper, obnoxious, and annoying, but I still like him. Go figure. He's hugely popular with the skater squirt crowd and he can be very smart and sweet when he wants to be. He sort of became a regular fixture in my homeroom in the mornings as his homeroom, with Mr. Social Studies, was right next door and he behaved well for me, so I let him hang out there. It kept Stoopid Boy happy, Mr. Social Studies had a calmer room without Stoopid Boy causing a rukus, and he didn't bother me or my kids.

However, Stoopid Boy can also do the most incredibly stupid things.

Like bringing matches and a hperdermic needle (the better to pierce your lip with, I suppose) to school.

Which is how he ended up getting a one-way tricket to alternative school today.

All I wanted was to get Stoopid Boy to the end of the year. He had been suspended so many times that it was amazing he wasn't there already. However, he lately seemed to have pulled it together a bit. (Pulling it together completely is too much for a 7th grader.) He went from failing every class for the first semester, to getting all C's on the last report card. We were so proud of him for that accomplishment, and I honestly thought we might have seen the last of the really stupid Stoopid Boy. Then of course, his parents were not impressed at all with the huge improvement in grades because it wasn't "good enough."

Excuse me? Getting straight C's after all F's isn't good enough?

Stoopid Parents.

Thankfully Guidance Guy went up to talk to Stoopid Boy as he sat in ISS for the remainder of the day. Guidance Guy emailed Miss Reading, Mrs. Language and myself to let us know that Stoopid Boy was up there and that he said we were the teachers he'd miss the most and if possible, could we go up to give him some words of encouragement? Thankfully Mrs. Language and I are working on a combined science/language arts project with our classes and had both classes in the reference room working on the computers so we were able to sneak up to ISS to give Stoopid Boy a hug and a few words of encouragement.

I'm going to miss that kid. A lot.


Kat said...

A hyperdermic needle?! Oh gracious.

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna miss him too. in his brief moments of lucidity, i could see a kid who just wants other people to be happy. it's so depressing for the guidance geek that i'm about to check out his blog at 11:00 at night to find out if he's posted news. i do know that your team was probably the best thing that ever happened to him. -gg

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Sigh. I miss Stoopid Boy too. A lot more than I thought I would.

Buffy said...

I'm just tickled that you call him 'Stoopid Boy'.