Monday, April 03, 2006

And it ends....with a bang!

Yes, I enjoyed my spring break (which wasn't nearly long enough) although, to be honest, digging up, dividing, and replanting monkey grass isn't exactly relaxing. I think I now know how my grandmother felt when her arthritis got bad and every thing hurt. It took me three days to get the project done and I didn't even get to the weeds that are taking over my garden. Gardening in The South is a never-ending project.

In any case, spring break ended with a bang, a siren, and thunder beyond belief. In other words, it's severe thunderstorm/tornado season here in "Dixie Alley", and Mother Nature let loose with all her ammo last night.

The pros? All the kids were tired this morning so they couldn't create any mischief.

The cons? All the kids were tired this morning so they couldn't stay awake to pay attention.

However, I was just plain out and out exhausted. I usually get to bed by around 10:00 (I'm usually up at 4:45 am) but storms were rolling through around then and so I decided to be smart and grabbed all four cats, and the two hamsters, and headed down to our basement. Our basement, which Mr. Bluebird refers to as The Bunker, is not a bad place to ride out a storm. The computer is down here, along with something like 3,000 books, and a complete bathroom, as well as an entertainment center. So, as long as we have power, I'm good to go. (The cats, however, beg to differ.)

Things calmed down, somewhat, by 11:00, so I decided to go back upstairs to bed.

I had just fallen asleep when I was rudely awaken by the sounds of the tornado siren that just so happens to be at the end of my street.

Which means it's loud. Very loud.

So...back downstairs we all go for another hour or so, then back upstairs, and then we all try to get back to sleep (Mr. Bluebird, by the way, is out of town so he's not enjoying any of this fun).

I think I might have fallen asleep around 2:30 or so when things finally calmed down.

Tonight? I'm having a glass of wine and going to bed early. Very early.

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