Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snow Day!!! Snow Day!!!

I had a reader send me a note the other day mentioning that if someone dropped an ice cube on the floor in the South, they'd call a snow day.

Well, looks like someone dropped an ice cube.

We had a snow day today which I am eternally grateful because it gave me a chance to sleep a lot and get rid of this dammed cold.

The only problem didn't snow.

We started the morning with freezing rain and sleet (which is probably why they closed school in the first place since some of our county is really rural, hilly and gets really nasty when there's ice). It was supposed to turn to snow around 1:00 pm, but here it is, nearly seven hours later and it's still just rain.

However, I talked with Mrs. Eagle on the phone and she mentioned that it's supposed to be a whopping 17 degrees tonight and with all this rain, we may get a lot of ice. And we may be closed again tomorrow.

Hum. We shall see. As it is, there's some very happy teachers out there.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

Heh, It's happened where I live. Some one predicted snow and they closed the schools. No snow, but school was still closed.

Anonymous said...

Thursday night we were hit with a winter storm. My boys and I prayed for a snow day on Friday, but alas! The snow stopped early enough for the snow plows to clear the street in time for school. Bah humbug! What's the point of living in Ohio if you can't get an occasional snow day????

Robin...grumbling in Ohio