Thursday, December 15, 2005

Is it break yet?

Deputy Dog is never frazzled. Never. I've never seen this guy even look remotely like he's stressed out.

Until today.

It's the last full day before Christmas break (tomorrow is a half day).

The kids have completely lost their minds. The fact that it is a full moon is not helping any.

Two of my kids get caught wrestling during the volleyball tournament, Coach Angry sends them into Mr. Enforcer; one gets ISS (In school suspension) and the other gets sent back to class.

Another one of our kids decides to write, with a Sharpie, on the bleachers during the volleyball tournament, "Pinhead was here." Since he's the only kid named Pinhead, and since about half a dozen kids were all watching, going "Dang, that's stupid to do, especially putting your name on it like that," it didn't take long to figure out who did the vandalism. He's in ISS.

It's before 8:00 am.

Later in the day six kids from Mrs. Eagles team decide to have a food fight in the cafeteria and end up in ISS. Two basketball players are involved and are informed that they won't be playing that evening and they'll be staying in ISS. Coach Cutie is hopping mad at them and is considering kicking them off the team.

By this time we're getting hourly update emails from Mrs. Saint, the ISS teacher, with the names of the kids who are there (she does this in case we're looking for a kid or need to send out assignments). She started the day with 3. By the time buses roll at 2:00 she was up to 26 kids.

And that's not to mention the 8th graders who brought Christmas stockings for their friends, complete with the gift of bottle rockets.

Deputy Dude was shaking his head and looking fit to be tied by fifth period.

Tomorrow better fly by awful fast.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

Cancel Christmas!
On second thought that would hurt you more than them.
Elongate Christmas break!

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Maybe I should have extend in stead of elongate. The problems with posting a comment on a teacher's blog...I always feel that my spelling and grammar are being critiqued.