Thursday, December 08, 2005

Damn these head colds

There is truly little worse in life than having to teach while suffering from a massive head cold.

Honestly, it's bad enough that you can't hear well, your throat is on fire, and your head feels like it's going to explode, but to have to deal with that while trying to actually teach a class of hormonal seventh graders is truly ugly.

The other option is to take a sick day and have a sub come in, which really isn't much of an option (unless you're on death's door) because it's more work to prepare for a sub than it is to drag yourself to school. And truth be told, I felt bad, but not too bad in the morning. By the time fourth period rolled around, however, I was feeling awful. And since my worst classes are fifth and sixth period, I was feeling particulary nasty by the time they rolled into the room. They got no mercy from me. I was mean. I was evil. I was wicked. I also could hardly speak, had watery eyes, and was blowing my nose every five minutes.

It was ugly. I staggered home both days and was sound asleep by 8:00 pm which is really early for me.

There is something truly wonderful about Nyquil.

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