Thursday, December 01, 2005

A little communication here, please!

Before I go into my rant...let it be known that I worked as a substitute teacher for three years before I ever got hired permanently for my own classroom. (I got smart, realized that there was a teacher shortage down South, plus it was warmer, and moved). I even began subbing before I ever finished my college work in education - I had a degree (in business, no less), a pulse and was willing to do it. I ended up working as a permanent sub for a small, rural district where I ended up knowing just about every kid in the county, and along the way learned a lot of tips and tricks about what to do (and what not to do) when I got my own classroom. I also learned that it is probably the most thankless and underpaid job there is out there, with the possible exception of school bus driver.

That being said, I was a pretty darn good sub. One thing I always did was spend a few minutes to leave a nice, detailed note about what happened that day. Who was good, who wasn't, what we did, what we didn't accomplish, blah, blah, blah. I figured the teacher probably needed to know what went on while he/she was out. After all, I'd want to know.

Which brings me to my rant. I've had a sub twice this year. Once for an afternoon to attend a meeting, and once yesterday when I took a personal day to go with Mr. Bluebird to a historic preservation event. Neither sub left me any note whatsoever.


Not even a slip of paper to tell me who the heck was even in my classroom. No name.

I had no idea who was good. I had no idea who wasn't (I can guess, but I'd like proof). I have no idea if they accomplished anything. I'm not even sure if they were sitting in their correct seats because, instead of taking attendance, the sub simply had them sign in on a piece of paper, which means they could have been skipping and having their pals sign in for them for all I know. (I've seen this done.)

So, when the kids come in bouncing up and down and asking, "We're we good? Did she leave a good note?" all I can say is "I have no idea", which annoys them (and me) because I'd like to reward my kids if they're good for a sub because nine times out of ten, they aren't.

But hey, I'm in the dark here.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

You could use the old, "I know exactly what happened while I was away, and I'm giving everyone a chance to come clean now without any punishment. If no one fess's up there will be he11 to pay." It might work.

Anonymous said...

Ah, an excellent thought, "doctor"! Are you sure you are not secretly a teacher?? I like the way you think.

Heh, heh, heh!
Mrs. Robin...who is a teacher