Monday, December 19, 2005

It's Break Time!!!


Friday was, amazingly, a really good day. It's usually a day that teachers dread for several reasons. One, the kids are insane. Two, you are basically stuck with your advisory/homeroom class the entire morning. Three, the kids are eating more sugar and junk so they're becoming even more insane.

That being said, my class was wonderful. Granted, only 14 of them showed up for the half day, which made it nicer. They cleaned out their lockers (we don't need any leftover food, etc. stuck there over break) and were well-mannered at the teachers vs. 8th grader volleyball game. They brought in snacks and goodies to share with the class and were wondeful while they ate and watched a DVD one of the kids brought (Madagascar, which was pretty cute). Afterwards they even cleaned up and wiped down all the tables and picked up after themselves.

It was almost too weird.

Mr. Social Studies, on the other hand, was just about ready to string some of his group up. True, he's got some real crazies in his class, but he does need to lighten up. They are, after all, still kids.

I got my collection of Christmas cards, coffee mugs, lotion, and candy for gifts. Probably the best gift I got was a $20 gift certificate to a local restaurant which just stunned me. However, I love them all because if a kid and a parent takes the time to even get you a card, that's something to treasure.

The buses rolled at 10:45. I'm not sure who was happier...the teachers, or the kids!


Dr. Phat Tony said...

Have a good (well deserved) break and a Merry Christmas.

Princess Lionhead said...

Isn't it great when that day is over? That's so nice that your kids were so well behaved! What a relief for you!! We had a full day, unfortunately, but they didn't do much but eat junk and watch two movies. I am so happy to be off for two weeks! Hope you make the best of it and are able to relax.