Monday, August 29, 2011

A Roll of the Dice

Today was the first day of The School's Chess and Board Game Club.

Mrs. Eagle and I have been sponsoring this club for, I think, something like seven years now and we usually get around 20-25 kids every year.  Sometimes when the fashion show club gets rolling (student council puts on an amazing fashion show every year for a fundraiser) we lose kids who are models, or doing the lighting, or something.  Or soccer or baseball season or something starts up.  But in any case, we can usually count on about 20 kids.

We had 45 today.


So many that we had to split them up into two rooms - I kept half, and Mrs. Eagle took the other half (fortunately we both have tables in our rooms rather than desks.)  So from 2:30 to 4:00 we had screaming, yelling, laughing chaos in not one room, but two.


Oh, and by the way, (and this is for all those folks who think teachers roll out of school at 2:30), we don't get paid for this.  We just do it because it's a cool thing to do for the kids, many of whom have no one to play games with them at home.

Knitting club starts after labor day.  So far I have 20 kids signed up (was thinking we'd get lucky to get 12).  Including 5 boys.


Our kids are digging the clubs this year.


Kristie Walker said...

Would you be interested in some knitting needles and other odds and ends? :-) I can send them along for free!

HappyChyck said...

I love this! I started a Scrabble Club last year, but I didn't get too many students--not because nobody wantedvto play but because I couldn't find a time that didn't conflict with another club. Thanks for reminding me...maybe I'll try again!

Mrs. Bluebird said...

@Kristie, thanks for the offer, but I'll decline (for now). We have our local yarn shop as a sponsor, so we lucked out in that area. However, if we run low on stuff, I may contact you!