Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First Full Day

We had our first full day today with kids changing classes, breakfast, lunch, and all that fun stuff.

The good:

The kids, for the most part, seemed pretty good.  They seemed nice.  The were a tiny bit chatty but got the message when to be quiet.  Of course, we could still be in the honeymoon phase.  However, it seems I have a lot less girls with attitude and gang-banger wannabes than last year.  Thank the Lord.

Not a lot of absences.  There have been years past when I'd have 5-10 absent in every class - kids who've moved over the summer and weren't coming back (but didn't bother to tell us yet).  I may have 2-3 absent, if any absent at all.  And most of these kids know the routine around here, so that's nice.

My homeroom kids, especially the ones who are walkers and hang around for a bit while the buses are loading, are some of the nicest kids ever.  I already enjoy them.

The Bad:

Apparently the nutrition department installed new software in the cafeteria.  But didn't bother to tell or train anybody - they found out this morning when they went to serve breakfast and it took forever.  Breakfast and lunch were a challenge, but we worked it out.

PowerSchool is being difficult.  Enough said.

We have a number of eighth grade teachers teaching a number of sections of seventh grade which is confusing for the kids who are used to having all their teachers in one little area.  They'll figure it out tomorrow.  In the mean time I'm giving directions like, "go to the eighth grade hallway, turn left, and first room on the right," and I'm not sure they're getting there.

I'm tired.

Oh, and for those of you who commented regarding the four observations...That's what happens when you win Race to the Top.  New state law...professional licensed teachers get 4 observations a year, apprentice get six.  I feel sorry for our princpals who have to do all these.  I honestly don't mind, but I wish it wasn't the 2nd week of school.  I'll be lucky to know all their names by then.

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