Thursday, August 18, 2011

Longest Day Ever

Open House tonight!

I still find it weird that we hold Open House barely two weeks into the year when I'm still trying to learn all my kids' names.  But hey, at least I can recognize them!

Had a good turn out, everyone seemed happy (and a number already got my first parent email last week so it's good to know it's working).

The best part?  Seeing my former kids come back and visit.  There is one family that I've taught all three of their kids - a daughter who's a senior (and who I totally adore), a son who is a sophomore, and a daughter in eighth grade.  This family doesn't have much financially, but they are good, solid people.  They all showed up to visit and say hello.  I got very close to the oldest when mom asked for my help with her when she was going through a rough patch in middle school.  It's nice to know that parents realize you can love their kids to and trust us to help them when they need it.  Glad to say that so far, the kids are doing fine.  I'm hoping that they'll be able to earn some scholarship money for college as they are all quite bright.  I love that this family cared enough to stop by and visit.

Some of these kids and families never leave your memory or your heart.


Mister Teacher said...

We had an Open House night tonight, too! And the first day of school is NEXT Monday! We actually had a really large turnout, meeting about 20 or so of our potential students. Like you, I also enjoyed seeing several former students, including one who will be a Sophomore in high school this year!!

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Mr. Teacher, I can't believe you've been teaching elementary long enough to have kids in high school already! Time flies!

Darren said...

I love it when former students come to visit, or when I hear from their parents.