Monday, August 01, 2011

Counting Down

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know, haven't been posting much but many of you want to hear about how my knitting is going and what I've been up to?  Let's be honest, there's always a lot more material for this blog when school is in session.

Which it will be on Friday!

Gosh almighty, it's almost scary to realize how FAST summer slid away from me.  Granted, we put in quite a few extra days to make up for all the snow days we had last year.  And in reality, we don't get that much of a summer, and especially not the legendary "three months off every summer", that people think we have.  Which makes me wonder..does anyone get three months off?  Anyone?  We get about eight weeks and it appears that for most of that I was taking in-service courses.

Believe it or not...I was already in my room and got it all set up by July 19th.  I suppose you can say I like to have everything prepared.  Mrs. Eagle and I spent quite a few hours - already - getting things ready for this year, including co-teaching an in-service on science notebooks (which had more non-science teachers there than science teachers - go figure).  We also did a quick 5 day trip up north to visit some friends, do some touristy things, and visit family.  But just in case you think we got off easy...we actually worked on this trip.  She drove, I read and took notes, and we planned a number of changes in our way of doing things.  We'll see how this all works out this year.

First day for teachers to report is Wednesday, but I'll probably be in the building tomorrow with Mrs. Eagle getting copies made of the mounds of paperwork that we send home.  I pity the parents.

A look back at summer...I didn't get nearly everything accomplished that I wanted to.  Never got started on the "knitted dogs" project (never even ordered the yarn) as I got sidetracked by another baby blanket and a lace scarf.  My garden is still a work in progress - a very dry work in progress at this point.  I didn't lose weight, but didn't gain any, and I've been walking about an hour a day.  I'll miss that.

I'll also miss naps.

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EHT said...

I hope you have a wonderful year. It will be interesting as the year progresses to see how your changes work out.

I keep a "next year" folder on my desk that I constantly drop things into as we go along. Ideas, what worked, what didn't, what must be done better.....By the time I get to the last week of school I sort the file and know which areas need "help". :)