Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Late Than Never, I Suppose

We have a policy at The District to keep track of kids who are no-shows.  These are kids who were enrolled last year, didn't indicate that they were moving, but who don't show up for school.  If, after ten days, they haven't shown up, we drop them off the rolls and figure they've moved on.

So, since the ten day period was up on Friday, I spent the weekend putting together my nice, new gradebook with all the nice new names of all my nice new kids.

In ink, of course.  Colored ink.

So, this morning one of our kids walks this girl over to me and says she's new and she needs a locker.  No problem, I have a few lockers left to hand out.  I ask her name and it occurs to me that she's one of the kids we just dropped off the rolls on Friday.

"Hum, you're not new here, are you?"  I asked her.

"Oh no, I went here last year," she said.

"I'm asking because we dropped you off the roll as we thought you weren't coming," I told her.  (I found out later from Guidance Diva that they had to go through the whole enrollment process with her in PowerSchool.)

"Oh, yeah, we were on vacation," she said.


I guess we know where the priorities are in this family.


ChiTown Girl said...

This is EXACTLY why Chicago changed their starting date years ago. NOBODY would send their kids until after Labor Day, even though we started in the middle of August. About 10 years ago, they changed the start day for students to the Tues. after Labor Day, and the teachers start the Wed. before (having 3 days of teacher institute).

Then a few years ago, CPS starting having some schools on year-round schedules. Those kids are supposed to start the first week of August (Aug. 3 this year) So, some kids have been missing a full month of school, because they STILL didn't come until after Labor Day!

Then again, we've had some really slick parents who have enrolled their kids in a year-round school, not necessarily in their own neighborhood (which means it's not their "real" or home school), so that they had free daycare for the month of Aug., then transferred them out in Sept. when their "real" school started. Nice, huh? Glad I got 3 college degrees so that I would be qualified to babysit for you!!

Nick H. said...

Our district does the same thing, and today and got one of the dropped students. Today was day 11.

The Bus Driver said...

@ chitown.. thats insane!!!!!! free daycare about sums it up here.

HappyChyck said...

So, they couldn't squeeze it in during the other 9 weeks of summer? Grrr. Crazy!

I have to go to work tomorrow, but I'm thinking that it feels like a GREAT time to take vacation...