Saturday, May 01, 2010

Losing Their Minds

Tuesday was, shall we say, interesting.

We had Kagan training going on in the school, so a lot of teachers were off doing that (I'd already gone through it). As a result, we had a lot of subs in the building. Usually that's a sign that those of us who aren't subs need to stay on our toes because the kids seem to get a little wiggy. It's like there's this undercurrent of mania that strikes them when they see unfamiliar faces in the classroom. That being said, we only had one sub on the team (for Mrs. Social Studies) so you would think our kids would be a little better than those who had more than one.

As usual, I was wrong.

We took our kids to lunch and dropped them off in the cafeteria and then went to enjoy our 30 minute duty free lunch. The first hint I had that something was amiss was when one of the teachers from Mrs. Eagle's team came in towards the end of lunch and mentioned that she thought a few of my girls may had got into a fight during lunch.

Mr. Math looked at me, "I didn't hear anything in there, did you?" he asked. Usually when there's a fight in the cafeteria next door we can hear it (and we'll run in and try to calm things down.) I hadn't heard anything either. Which was a bit weird. Maybe they're just so loud anyway, what with the countdown to the end of school, that we didn't notice.

So I go to pick up my kids to walk them back to class and my class looks, suddenly, a lot smaller. I always check with Mrs. Wonderful Aide about whether or not they'd been good (this is, after all, my Fifth Period Class From the Very Depths of Hell Itself, so it's worth checking) and she kind of rolled her eyes at me.

"Oh dear," I said, "that bad?"

"That bad," she answered.

We walk back to class and the kids are more subdued than usual (they probably guessed they were going to get barked at when we got back to class - again), and as we walk past the Guidance office - which is surrounded by lots of glass windows - I see not one, not two, but six of my kids sitting in there.

This is not good.

Turns out that two of my girls were in there because they had gotten into a fight over - what else? - a boy. The fact that these two are best friends makes it more interesting. Three more were writing witness statements. (On a side note, I've often contended that if we made all our writing prompts witness statements, we'd get some of the best writing ever out of these kids - amazing how well they write when they're reporting one of their peers screwing up big time.) Another, Little Big Boy, was in there for a SEPARATE fight because he apparently was getting teased by one of Mrs. Eagle's kids and went nuts and started throwing forks and slinging chocolate milk all over, although for the looks of him, it landed mostly on him and not the other kids.

And then when we get back to class one girl breaks down crying because "people are cruel" and "fights scare me", and she wanted to go see a guidance counselor (she's a high stress kid and spends a lot of time with anxiety issues in guidance anyway.)

Oh wonderful.

Fifteen days. If they can just hold it together for 15 days.


Mister Teacher said...

Kagan training? Is that where you tighten the muscles in your butt? Oh, no, that's something else. :)

And we had several subs on Friday... Also had a fire drill that day. The "subbed" classes were SO out of control... said...

You walk your kids to lunch and back? Oh my. That would drive me and my students crazy.

Unknown said...

My kids are going apeshit crazy fighting and stuff right now, too. 12 days...