Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back Where We Belong

After a week off for flooding, we managed to get back to school this past Monday.

Thank goodness.

The kids seemed to be glad to be back. Some of them mentioned some flood damage at home, including flooded basements and garages, but for the most part seemed to take a lot of the week's drama in stride. These kids prove, once again, to be a pretty resilient bunch. Mrs. Social Studies asked most of them what they did with their week off (the weather was absolutely beyond beautiful) and most of them mentioned that they stayed inside watching TV, playing video games, or helped parents clean up after the mess. How sad that so many of my kids aren't allowed outside unless a parent is home. They're prisoners in their own homes.

Everyone seems a bit stressed because instead of having three weeks to do all the end of the year stuff - field day, academic award parties, the drama club play, National Junior Honor Society - we have two weeks. Two weeks that are crammed full of events and activities. I'm almost glad that teachers have an extra work day to make up from our snow days back in January and February as we're so busy now that we need that day to pack up our rooms.

It's nice to be back.

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