Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Hundred Year Flood

It was bad in 1932.

It's worse this year.

Nashville had over 13" of rain and the rivers are still rising.  Schools closed, businesses damaged, lots of homes and lives lost.   Nashville, and the surrounding areas, are being impacted hard.  We are closed again today, most of our downtown in closed off, and I'm thankful I live on a hill because I'm high and dry.  We have a curfew and are asked to stay home, if possible.

Since I haven't seen much in the national media on this, thought I'd share a couple of links with you in case you'd like to see what's going on down here in The Volunteer State (and what an appropriate name - you've never seen so many people reach out to help perfect strangers).

The best local coverage is at News Channel 5 - check out the videos of LP field under water, the house floating down I-24, Opryland under water, and the rock quarry waterfall (and the quarry was full in a few hours).

The Tennessean also has some good coverage and photos. 

If you are a Facebook fan, you can find lots of photos and videos there as well.  Youtube, as well has a lot of videos.

Pray for us.  It's going to be a long recovery.


R2P2 said...

You're right, there hasn't been much national coverage. I've been paying attention because I have many friends (and former students) there, but really, the news is taken up with the oil spill, Obama's comedy, and the Times Square bomb attempt. It's a shame, really, because as you said, there is a LOT of damage (how many people probably don't have flood insurance??) and a lot of people displaced. Keeping the state in my thoughts & prayers!

Julie VW said...

Thinking of you and sending warm fuzzy thoughts. I hope this doesn't affect the camping trip. (Camping Trip posts are my favorite!)

Now that we know you are teaching in the Volunteer State, I would be interested to read how the Race To The Top money will be changing the way your school (and you) will do things.