Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just When You Thought The Year Couldn't Get Any Crazier....


After seven snow days, and several weeks of longer school days to make up the snow days (we only have three allotted in our calendar), we get this:

Rain.  Lots of it.  Lots and lots and lots of it.  (Actually, we got more than that...I emptied out the rain gauge when it hit 8" a little bit ago and It Is Still Raining.)

And school is closed tomorrow due to flooding.

Heavens, we down here in the Volunteer State have even made the National News - nothing like video of a building floating down I-24 to get national attention.  It has been something else.  Most of West and Middle Tennessee is one big fat wet mess.

I have students being evacuated from their flooded apartments.  The school behind my house is a shelter.  And with only 15 and a half days left of school...we have an inclement weather day.


Oh, and last weekend?  We had this:

That's hail on my deck.  And leaves stuck all over the place.  And a glider that needed to be repainted a bit but even more so now that it got "hail blasted".  But hey, I didn't lose a tree like just about everyone else in the neighborhood.

Spring in the South.


The Bus Driver said...

Send the rain down our way please.. its been insanely hot, unfortunately when it DOES rain, its gonna be a nasty thunderstorm/downpour.

Yellow rose said...

We could use a little of it here in Smith County, Texas, too. Rain to the left of us, rain to the right of us, but we just finished our fourth driest April ever.