Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ready, Set, Go?

On Friday, I covered up or took down any poster, sign, model, knickknack or whatnot that might influence my students on the Really Big Deal Government Mandated Test.

I sharpened 24 Dixon Ticonderoga pencils to a stiletto point.

I have my box of extra erasers ready.

Everything is a go for the Really Big Deal Government Mandated Test. I even went and bought a huge box of granola bars for my kiddos who don't eat breakfast, just in case they were hungry


The last frost date, supposedly, in this part of the country (so say the folks at the Master Gardening class I took last month), is April 15th. It reached eighty degrees on Friday.

The weather people are calling for rain and snow tonight and tomorrow.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the very first day of our four days of Really Big Deal Government Mandated Testing.

In this part of the country, they cancel school at the mere mention of the words "ice" and "snow". But will they cancel, knowing that tomorrow is a Really Big Deal Government Mandated Testing day???

Only time, and the weather, will tell.


nbosch said...

Our teachers were atwitter when testing was scheduled for the Monday daylight savings time started and then laughingly complained when we tested the day after KU won the Final Four!!

Our weather is also weird, it should be Spring but it more like winter. Tonight the low is 27 and the community pool opens in 7 weeks!

Mister Teacher said...

It's rare, but they do indeed cancel and reschedule those Really Big Tests sometimes.
And isnt covering everything up just the stupidest thing???

teachergirl said...

They are calling for sleet and freezing rain tonight. Could we please have a snow day - in April. Please, please? It would be laugh out loud fun.

Good luck to you, Mrs. Bluebird.