Thursday, April 10, 2008

Give That Mom an A!

We have a student this year who belongs to a competitive cheerleading team. Cheer Girl is one of my favorite students although she's one of my lowest academically. She's a sweet kid, always wants to show me pictures of her cheer events, her dog, her mom, anything she can take a picture of. Every Monday I get a complete run-down on her weekend. She's also the sort of kid who'll walk in the room and give me a hug just because. She's also about the only kid who's shorter than me which may be one reason I like her! She's probably, at best, maybe about 4'10" tall.

However, as short as she is, she has a really well-developed bustline. And, as girls these days seem to do, she sometimes wears clothing that's a bit too revealing than she should be wearing.

Today, after first period, Mr. Social Studies pulled me aside while the kids were at their lockers.

"Do me a favor and talk with Cheer Girl. She's in my front row and I spent most of the period staring at the ceiling," he whispers.

I walk over to where Cheer Girl is at her locker. Mr. Social Studies isn't kidding. She's showing off her assets in a manner that would make Britney Spears proud.

I lean over and whisper in her ear. "Hey honey, your hooties are showing a bit much, you need to go to guidance and get something else to wear."

She lets out a big heavy sigh, crosses arms over her chest and trudges off to guidance.

Fast Forward to fourth period. Cheer Girl isn't there when I take attendance so I figured that she either was in ISS (where we put kids who have parents who won't bring them a change of clothes when we have a dress code violation), or her mother had checked her out for some reason. A few minutes later, she comes in, gives me an admittance pass, and a hug, and quietly goes to her seat. She is wearing a different, much more appropriate shirt by now.

The kids are on computers working on a Big Deal State Mandated Test review game called Study Island, and are chatting quietly while they work. I'm cruising around the room, helping kids hear and there when I overhear Cheer Girl talking to her lab partner.

"What happened to you?" her partner asks.

"They said my shirt wasn't up to dress code so I had to go to guidance. They made me call my mom to bring me some new clothes."

"But you missed lunch!" her friend says. (God forbid anyone misses lunch.)

"Yeah, because my mom was mad. She wouldn't bring me any clothes. She took me to Walmart and made me buy a new shirt. With my allowance money. She wouldn't pay for any of it!"

That's one mom who made her point, I think! Way to go Mom!!!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome. I wish more moms were like that! (I am definitely going to remember it for when I have kids)

Mrs. T said...

Go, Mom! And also, Go, Cheer Girl for being such a good sport about it. Some kids wouldn't have handled it that well and definitely wouldn't have given you a hug.

Dragonrider said...

LOL...wish we had more parents like that! Sometimes I want to ask if they are bragging or advertising!

Teacha said...

WTG, mom!!! Awesome!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Good for the mom. No way my daughter is going to dress like a tramp. Not a snowball's chance in hell...

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Like your colleague, I spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling because of the revealing clothing that my 7th grade girls wear. Frankly, I'm shocked that parents allow students to dress the way they do.

Darren said...

Send that mom to my school!

And while she's at it, can she take some of the boys to Wal-Mart to buy a belt? I get tired of seeing cleavage above the waistline *and* below!

Ms Characterized said...

Woot for da mama!

There are some moms who stop by campus who need to go home because of dress code, too.

Jose Vilson said...


Well done, mom! Tell her I said thank you on behalf of the rest of us! :-D