Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm Not Gonna Complain...Yet

Remember the great big nasty record-breaking drought I whined about last year?

It's almost gone.

And, if you take into account the nearly five inches of rain we had over Thursday and Friday, then it really feels like it's nearly over.

The creeks and rivers that I have to cross to get anywhere around town are out of their banks, many city parks are near flooding, and the River Walk down along the river has water up over the sidewalk.

And my lawn, that hasn't been green in a year, is at least 6" high.

By the way, if I could find a way to make money out of chickweed and henbit, I'd be rich.

The big riding mower is out of commission. That stupid thing never seems to start up well after the winter and I have trouble with it on a good day. It really needs a tune up and Hubby really needs to look into it, but he's so swamped with his book project right now that I gave up on the mower getting in running condition. However, they're calling for more rain on Tuesday, and I don't see anyone giving me a herd of sheep to mow my lawn the easy way, so I got out the push-mower and went to work.

The push-mower, by the way, was used twice at the end of the year and we bought it when Sears was trying to get rid of mowers. It's wonderful. I love the fact that it starts right up and roars to life without me having to dislocate a shoulder yanking on the starter.


My yard is big, and my house sits on a hill. And it took two hours to mow the entire front yard.

I am trashed.


teachergirl said...

Me, too. And it is my Spring Break and here I sit, in not quite a downpour, but a mist that has been going on since last Thursday. Color me... wet.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to spring!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Glad to see that your drought might be over. Out here it's still going strong. Lake Mead is still very empty and until we get Biblical level snowpacks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, empty it will stay.