Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of Algae, S'mores, Sunburns, and Screaming 7th Graders

This past fall our team got the bright idea that it would be really great if we could take our kids to a local national forest area for a camping weekend. Actually, it's not camping with tents (there's dorms and showers and even food service) but it's in the woods, by a lake, and it offers some great educational opportunities. Due to space, and finances, we couldn't take the entire team (and truth be told, there were a few kids we didn't want to be out in the woods with), so we had to narrow it down to 32 kids - sixteen boys and sixteen girls. We had them write an essay about why they should go and were looking for leadership ability, kids who may not be the top students but who had shown some growth and maturity, and kids who could use a weekend with some positive role models. In short, kids we were hoping would turn out to be leaders in the 8th grade.

Many people thought we were crazy. At times, we agreed. But we'd made the commitment, the plans were made, the kids were hyped up.

This was the weekend.

We left at 10:00 am on Friday and returned at 2:00 pm on Sunday.

For the mathematically challenged, that is 52 hours - straight - with 32 seventh graders.

I am exhausted.

More to I am going to bed.


Princess Lionhead said...

Wow! I want to hear all about it!! What a memorable experience that must have been! Another teacher and I took 2 students last year to a service learning camp for 3 days and it was really neat, but exhausting. I now have that same student at my school this year. Weird...

Mrs. T said...

When I was in middle school, we had "camp" built in to our school year in 6th and 7th grade. The whole lot of us would go for a week- to an actual camp, our teachers would come with us and we'd have that "camp experience", complete with KP and s'mores and the whole enchilada. We loved it. Our teachers, I'm sure, were just as tired as you are. Treat yourself to a "mental health day" this week. Seriously. Stay home and catch your breath.

HappyChyck said...

Can't wait to hear...I don't know about you, but about 3:00pm on Friday, I've about hit my tolerance limit for 8th graders. Your dedication amazes me!

EHT said...

You, Mrs. Bluebird, are made of sterner stuff than I!

A big Hee Haw SAAAAALute to you.

I'm sure you will need to post a whole series of writings to tell us the whole story.