Friday, April 27, 2007

Where's the Common Sense When You Need it The Most?

It was Field Day today and during the volleyball tournament, Mrs. Language and I took a quick trip to the bathroom and mailboxes which are just behind guidance. We figured we'd better take the opportunity before we all headed outside and wouldn't get a chance. We'd be too busy trying to keep 425 seventh graders from losing their minds.

While we were there we noticed two of our troublemakers from last year sitting there, along with a boy that Mrs. Eagle had last year. They didn't look happy. In fact, they seemed to be squirming quite a bit in their seats. On of ours had his hands clasped tightly in his lap and seemed to be biting his lip. Fabio Boy was there and his feet were bouncing up and down.

I swung by to give the Guidance Goddess a greeting and to ask how her day was going. "Oh it's going great!" she exclaimed. "Come here and see all these referrals!" she says as she hands me one from the top and sort of backs me up around the corner into the teachers lounge. It's obvious she's trying to tell me something without the kids in the office figuring it out.

Mrs. Language comes up and we both look at the referral on the top stack. It's for one of our goofballs from last year. I look down at the incident description. "X disrupted the class due to putting Icy Hot on his genitals."

My eyes must have popped out of my head. I look over at Mrs. Language and her mouth is hanging open with one of those "What the hell?" looks on her face.

Guidance Goddess can barely contain herself. "Yup, they decided to go into the bathroom and put on some Icy Hot and by the time they got to class they were, ahem, feeling the pain."

Mrs. Language and I literally doubled up with silent laughter - the boys, after all, were right outside in the lobby. We both ended up wiping tears from our eyes. What on earth possessed them to do something so incredibly stupid???

So there they sat...

Squirming in their seats.

Tapping their feet.

And biting their lips.

Because that had to really, really, really hurt!


Karen said...

Oh - that's what I love about 7th graders! They still have SO MUCH to learn. hehe

Mrs. T said...

How funny is that? I bet in a couple of years it's going to say right on the package: "Not for use in the genital area." because of dopey things just like this.

CrypticLife said...

Oh, all you women laughing at these poor boys. . . cruel, cruel, cruel. . . this story caused me to double over in pain.

Oh, okay, the pain was because I was laughing too hard. And because as a teen I once put (far too much) aftershave on my chest and had it drip down -- yes, it hurts a lot.