Monday, April 23, 2007

A Small Victory for the Non-Losers

If you recall, my Third Period Class From the Very Depths of Hell Itself, has sort of divided itself into two camps, the so-called Losers (the kids who constantly are causing trouble) and the Non-Losers (the ones who actually are trying to learn). Recently the Non-Losers got fed up and began asking me if there was anyway I could arrange to have the Non-Losers expelled, transferred, and so forth. One particular target was Cast Boy, probably the most annoying oxygen-thief in the room.

They gained a small victory today.

Towards the very end of class, I was showing a few pictures of our camping trip when one of the kids, Toeless Boy, recognized the conference center in the pictures.

"Hey, that's from my church camp!" he said. No one responded so Toeless Boy, who thrives on any type of attention, even negative, decided to say it again. After all, this is a kid who was born without one big toe, wears sandals (the only boy on the team who does) and then complains that the kids are picking on him because he only has one big toe. No one responds, so for the third time he proclaims that it looks like his church camp.

"Oh shut up!" yells Cast Boy.

One of the things that I don't tolerate is kids telling each other to shut up. So I got after Cast Boy about it.

And Cast Boy wanted to argue.

And argue some more.

And I warned him that it wasn't open for discussion and he needed to watch his mouth and be quiet.

So he argued that point as well.

So I wrote him a referral which he absolutely refused to sign.

By this point I'm secretly smiling inside because this could be worth maybe a day in ISS. That's a day without this rude, obnoxious twerp ruining it for everyone. I walked it over to the Enforcer, reminded him of my special Third Period Rules, and he said he'd handle it. In the meantime, Mrs. Language reported that many of these same kids entered her 4th period class all a-twitter because I'd written Cast Boy up. They were discussing the fact that maybe he'd get in trouble and would be out of class for a while.

The Enforcer granted their wish. Cast Boy is in ISS for a week.

The other kids will be ecstatic.

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Mrs. T said...

I love it when the Consequence Fairy comes through. Enjoy the break!