Monday, June 19, 2006

Walk Like an Egyptian

First off, isn't life boring when there's no kids to talk about?

However, it is much more relaxing. And it gives you a chance to do something I rarely get to do much during the school year.


So this past week Mrs. Eagle, myself, and Mr. Bluebird went up to Chicago for a quick visit. Our primary objective was to go to the Field Museum and see the traveling King Tut exhibit. Mrs. Eagle actually has seen it before, in Egypt, when she was stationed there courtesy of the U.S. Army. She's also a confirmed Egypt nut, so obviously a fun person to do something like this with. Then again, Hubby and I love museums and Chicago, so what more of an incentive do we need to go there.

We had a fantastic time. The Field Museum is just spectacular and there's no way you can see the whole thing in a day (they need to sell multi-day passes). We saw as much as we could until it closed and then we had to revive ourselves with good Italian food at a little restaurant that hubby and I have been patronizing for 20 years or so. It's one of those neighborhood places where everyone knows the owners, and they know everyone, and the food is fresh and good and wonderful and filling.

The next day we spent just knocking around book stores, a winery, and touring some historic sites in the outlying suburbs. And eating Italian food again.

Things to time we go, take a bigger vehicle. We took my Saturn because it gets fantastic gas mileage. However, by the time we finished with the museum shops, the bookstores, and the winery, we were wondering where we were going to put it all.

It was fun, and just what Mrs. Eagle and I needed.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about this museum. I had intended to get there for the Pompeii exhibit but ... and missed Tut in Florida.

I just discovered your blog - like mining for gold. I'll be back!