Thursday, August 04, 2016

Well hey! Summer is over and I'm back!

It's August, the temps are in the 90's, the humidity is high, and we're back in school.  Actually, teachers are back, but the kids don't report until Monday.

It could be worse.  A neighboring school system started the last week in JULY.  Last I looked, I thought July was in the summer, but hey, what do I know?  And seriously, what's with starting back - in the South - during the hottest month of the year?  All I can say is thank goodness the AC works in my portable.  If, by chance, it decides to tank, I'm going to raise holy heck.

So, lots of changes here at The School.  

For one, after 13 years at the helm of our school, the Principal left to run the school her youngest attends across town.  This was a shock to most of us - I actually got the email from her as I was driving to Texas and had my friend read it to me and about ran off the road - because in the 13 years she'd been there we had turned this school completely around and made it a gem.  Granted, it was still in Da Hood, but we ROCKED.  So of course, we wanted The Enforcer to take over because, well, he's an awesome no-nonsense kind of guy, and he and The Principal shared a brain and he was the moving factor behind our SWPBS program.  Of course, Central Office, being bureaucrats, pulled us into a meeting (I think they though most of us were on summer vacay and wouldn't show) and discovered a rather vocal staff who pretty much laid down the law on who we wanted.  When Coach Mean, who has never, in my 14 years there, raised his hand in a faculty meeting, raises his hand, then stands up (all 6'6" 300 lbs of him) and says, "Hire the Enforcer already", it was over.  We got the Enforcer.

We had a lot of retirements, some folks moved, others transferred, and we ended up with about a dozen new teachers.  I don't think we've ever had that many in all the years I've been here.  And then we have two new administrators, one Coach Cool, took over Mrs. Sparrow's position (she's off selling real estate now) and the other (whom we haven't met yet), took over The Enforcer's position. will be an interesting year.

And then there is the sixth graders coming up.

We have been hearing about this bunch of kids since they landed in Kindergarten..truly.  First off, it's a huge bunch, and we had to add an extra 6th grade team (Mrs. Eagle is now in 6th grade science) just to accommodate them all.  

And their behavior, or lack thereof, is legendary.  They are a tough bunch.  We have an 8th grade math teacher who has twins in this class.  Her comment?  "Be afraid, be very afraid."

Except we aren't.  For one, we're bigger than they are.  And we're smarter.  And we're the adults.  And they're just going to have to figure that out.

But I still have a feeling I'm gonna be busy.


Lisa said...

I'm so glad that you are back and now I hope you will be telling us a lot about all the new things that are happening. Your blog was the first one I followed regularly and I'm still checking almost every day if there is something new :-)
I'm wondering every year why your summer break is so early. We (in Germany) have diffrent times for every Bundesland (state) but I'm in the south and we always have the whole August and have of Sepemtember off. Which doesn't mean, that we don't have hot days in school, but starting back in the heat seems really hard to me.
Have a great start with your kids!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Lots of big changes! It is good to see you back. Will you be ISS again? Can't wait to hear how your school year goes.