Monday, September 05, 2011

Could It Truly Be....Fall?

We start school in early August, so it's not unusual to have several really hot days or weeks before things start to cool down.

This doesn't mean we like it any, however.

By August, I'm tired of the heat and humidity.  This year was particularly bad as we had an unusually warm June, so it seems like we've been hot and humid for eons.  What with football season starting, and kids and teachers getting into the routine of school, it's about time we have some cooler weather.  Football when it's 95 out is just wrong on so many levels.

In fact, last week we get an email from The District that informs us that "due to the expected heat index of over 100 degrees, all outside school activities will be cancelled."  No problem for me since I wasn't doing an outside activity, but it does give you an idea as to how hot it was last week.  (And, I might add, this is the first time I recall getting an email like this - in nine years at The School.)

Today, however, is a new day.  And it's 65 degrees.  And breezy.  And overcast.  And my rain gauge at 2.4" of rain in it so my yard now is trending towards green, not brown.  The AC is off, the windows are open, the cats are happy.

And the forecast?  70's and 80's...we're trending towards Fall!


Summers School said...

No outside school activities for us means that my 4th graders don't get any recess. Which means that I get around 10 minutes for lunch because they'll be back in my room 20 minutes after lunch starts.

Kristen said...

Lucky! It was a "cool" 95 today, with clouds, some rain and ickyness all over! Tomorrow and Wednesday will be "summer-like" with temps in the 105's to 110's...or more! I would like 80 and I would be very happy! Enjoy your coll weather!

ChiTown Girl said...

That's exactly what's been happening here. I had to pick up one of my kids early from school last Thursday because he was overcome by heat. The school decided Thursday to close school early on Friday because it was supposed to be even hotter (the heat index hit about 110) and the school is not fully air-conditioned. However, the temps dropped drastically over the weekend, and yesterday was in the low 60s. Right now, as I sit here typing, it's about 54 outside. Perfect, in my book!