Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winding Down

Summer is pretty much over in terms of vacation, but definitely not in terms of weather.

Amazingly enough, a few districts in the region started yesterday, but we don't get our kids until the 6th.  Still, it's time to wrap up those last few in-services (I think I already have something like 18 hours), get into the room and get it put together, and get ready. 

It's been nice hanging out a lot with Hubby, and the Felines, but I'm ready to go back and see my friends, especially the Guidance Group, and my fellow teammates.  I actually almost kinda miss the kids.  I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted to but that's pretty much par for the course for me.  

My garden has, for the most part, been a disappointment.  I think the early heat in June did not help any, which is why I hardly have any tomatoes this year.  We have massive huge tomato plants but they are just starting to set fruit, which is way late in the season.  I should be canning tomatoes by now and I'm lucky to get any to put on a salad.   The broccoli (which was an experiment) got pretty much ruined by heat and worms so I've tossed that all on the compost heap.  Same with the potatoes.  The beets did well, the lima beans are starting to produce, and the peppers are doing fantastic.  I think I'll do a fall planting this weekend of some of the cool weather vegetables and see if I have better luck with them.

I have planted a lemon tree.

Yes, I know, I live too far North for citrus, but I got this idea that if I could plant a dwarf lemon tree in a pot, and bring it into the kitchen during the winter, I might be able to get lemons.  My folks had a drawf Meyer lemon tree in a pot on the patio when I was growing up, so my dad found one for sale on line, I bought it, and now I've got it planted.  It is 8 inches tall.  (No lemons, obviously).

All this because I hate paying 69 cents a piece for lemons.


ChiTown Girl said...

Good luck with the lemon tree. My uncle had one in a pot forever. He brought it into the attached garage every winter, and it did well. He actually got lemons. Eventually! :)

http://dkzody.wordpress.com said...

August 6, pretty early. Our schools here go back Aug 16, but I seem to remember you were out before June 1. Nine weeks sure goes quickly when you're having fun. No inservices in our district. No money to pay the extra days. California is in a world of hurt.