Thursday, July 01, 2010

Freaky Fair Food

One of the things I like about Summer are fairs, especially county fairs and state fairs. I've been to some pretty small, but fun, county fairs, especially when I lived up North. I've also been to some really wonderful county fairs that can give state fairs a run for their money. And of course, there are some wonderful state fairs (the Ohio State fair comes to mind) that just absolutely rock for fun.

There's just something about fairs. I love the animals (who can't love a little lamb?), plus the exhibits (gardening and of course knitting are popular with me) and the different vendors.

And there's the food. There really is nothing quite like fair food. You name it, and you can probably get it at a fair.

And even if you can't name it, you can probably get it at a fair.

A few years ago I was out visiting Momma Bird in San Diego when the county fair rolled around. This is one of the best fairs I've ever been to, and it a regular ritual for Momma Bird and her friends (and me if I'm there at the right time). The big talk around the fair that year was a new fried food treat - deep fried avocado.


Now I don't eat fried food that often to start with, but I do enjoy fried zucchini (available at the fair) and fried dill pickles (seriously good, discovered them Up North but they've migrated down here now). However. Deep fried Twinkies, Oreos, and yes, avocado was a bit much. I mean, I like avocados and all that, especially in a good guacamole, but deep fried? Not for me. Momma Bird and I had a good giggle over that one as we split a basket of deep fried zucchini.

And now every year Momma Bird reports to me what the new trendy, wacky, and outright strange fair food is for the year. And as luck would have it, the theme this year is Taste the Fun.

Momma Bird called to report that deep friend Klondike bars were new this year as were deep fried Pop Tarts. Now, I can kind of see these working out. I've had fried ice cream before at a Mexican restaurant, and fried Pop Tarts would kind of be like a fried pie. Then Momma Bird added in a few that were a bit too weird for me.

Like deep fried butter. And chocolate covered bacon. And finally, a chocolate covered dill pickle.

I am not kidding.

Honestly, it sounds like something my seventh graders would invent just to be disgusting.

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Liz Ditz said...

I'd take chocolate covered bacon (it's seriously good, if you like sweet/savory flavor combinations) over deepfried pickles any day.

The deepfried avocado has a fighting chance -- think of banana fritters, crunchy on the outside, creamy texture on the inside.

I think a deepfried guacamole fritter would be pretty yummy.

The deepfried candybars aren't my thing, though. I don't much care for most commercial candy.

Speaking of avocados, my friends from the Phillipines make a yummy home-made avocado ice cream, with just a hint of vanilla. Being used to avocados as a savory food, I was skeptical at first but it is really good (at least as Vanessa makes it).