Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tracking Down our Amish Guy

When we first moved down to Our Beloved South about seven years ago, I discovered an Amish farmer who would set up his produce and baked good stand nearby. Hubby and I loved this guy and his wares. Gorgeous produce, wonderful flowers (his fall mums were amazing), baked goods, and jams and jellies. He was actually closer for us than the downtown farmers market and I enjoyed stopping by every Saturday (the only day he was open) to get my produce for the week. (At least the stuff I don't attempt to grow on my own).

Last year he had to relocate his spot a bit down the road due to a sale of the property he was on, and was in a church parking lot (with the church's permission, of course). No problem, his regular customers found him just down the road a bit, and continued to come by. He is fairly busy most Saturdays with a steady stream of people coming by.

This spring we drove by to check to see if his little shed was up only to find no shed this spring. This was not good. The town he sets up in isn't very large so we pretty much drove all over trying to locate his shed. No luck. We even went so far as to call the local police department, thinking they would know, and the very nice lady that answered the phone said she knew exactly who I was talking about, but sadly, did not know if he'd relocated or decided not to set up a stand this year.

Our Amish Guy was missing.

No jam. No cookies. No gorgeous fall mums. No sweet corn. No tomatoes.

We were not happy.

But then I got a tip from one of my knitting friends who mentioned that she saw a guy with a shed about two miles from where our guy used to set up. She didn't know if it was the same guy, but it was worth a try. So this afternoon hubby and I headed out to the location she'd mentioned and lo and behold, we found our Amish Guy! (And promptly spent about $20 with him).

It's wonderful when you have these special summer things that make it such a neat season. So tonight, I'm making pork chops and we're going to have some lovely sliced 'maters with our supper. Yummy!

2 comments: said...

I am so glad you found him. Wish I had an Amish guy.

HappyChyck said...

Phew! Glad you found your guy! I wish I had one, too!